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Barnett Realty Team | Coldwell Banker HPW Presents

'My Open House On Demand'

MY OPEN HOUSE ON DEMAND is devoted exclusively to enabling residential home buyers the luxury of touring open houses on demand quickly and easily. First, look at the available Open Houses we are offering in the Triangle to Tour. Find the home you think you are most interested in. Then, schedule a virtually guided room-by-room tour with us. We will visit your selected home and film it for you room by room just as if you were right next to us providing our expert commentary on what are the pros and cons the property has to offer in real time.

When you have narrowed down your selection to a home you think you would like to place an offer on, we will schedule a private one-one-one safety-first appointment with you to tour the home live!

What is most important is that you are guaranteed the same Barnett Realty Team | Coldwell Banker HPW 100% unwavering customer service and client safety every step along this journey.

How are we are doing this for our clients?

  • Click on the My Open House Location Your Are Interested In
  • Find An Open House You Would Like To See
  • Go To The Contact Page and Schedule An Appointment
  • It's That Simple..Almost
  • There Are A Few Other Steps Along The Way But You Will Be Guided Every Step Along The Way!
  • So Let's Get Started Turning that Closed Open House Into your Open House...On Demand!

Houses You Can Tour On Demand

Why You Want To Have A Exclusive Buyer's Agent

In North Carolina, in simple layman's terms, you must pick a real estate team you want to be  on. You can either work with a Buyer's Agent and sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement  or choose not to. If you choose not to elect to work exclusively with a Buyer's Agent, you will be looking for a house without representation. Any and all information you receive about the house your are looking at will be provided by the agent showing you the home. Be advised. That agent is obligated by agency law to represent the seller and is known as a Seller's Agent. Any personal or financial information you disclosure to that agent can be shared with the Seller. That means he or she has the seller's best interest at heart, not YOURS! To learn more about Agency Law and why you want to sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement, click on the 'Learn More Here' link below.